Sunday, October 3, 2010


I went out to Evolution last night with seerkarandras. After hanging out  bit, he decided to get in a game of 40K. Since I am still learning 40K, I was more than happy to watch a couple of veterans go head to head so I can learn tactics and rules. Seerkarandras' Eldar ended up taking on an Imperial Guard army.

It took only 4 turns for the Eldar to be decimated down to one model, and turn 5 saw the table clean of Eldar.

Now, previous to this game, I had been a pretty die-hard Necron player. Now, I'm pretty sure I want to get my hands on some Imperial Guard as well. I totally fell in love with the Valkyrie, and after looking at the models for the rest of the army, I must say I'm hooked. Though, I do have an opinion question of which to build....

Catachan Snipers
The Catachan Jungle troops look really cool (especially the snipers!!), but I do have a soft spot for the Vostroyan troops. I totally dig the Russian motif. (Side note, I'm still a sad panda that they haven't brought back the Kislev Empire for Warhammer fantasy battle...) Also, let's not forget, the Death Korps of Kreig. A mass army of German influenced World War II mayhem sounds pretty appealing as well.

The Death Korp have an upside and a downside, unfortunately. 

Upside: I can get a bunch of non-GW minis *CHEAP* that would work to represent the Death Korp.

Death Korp of Krieg
Downside: The Death Korp are not a GW Army, so not only would I not be able to play the army in any sanctioned tournaments, but all of the models are Forge World as well.... and that will get really expensive, really quick.

I have to admit, after looking at the Death Korp stuff on Forge World, I may have answered my own question. Either way, I may end up getting a Valkyrie just to paint.

Over on the WFB end:

Lothern Sea Guard Command
High Elves, High Elves, High Elves.... As much as I do like the new sculpts and kits coming out for the High Elf army, I'd like to see a little more variety in what armies are getting attention. There are three new HIgh Elf units hitting soon, the Dragon Princes of Caledor, the White Lions of Chrace, and Phoenix Guard. In addition, all the pre-orders that are up are for Lothern Sea Guard.

The Skaven get three new models of Rat Ogres, a pretty disappointing ratio compared to the other half of the Island of Blood box set.

Most unfortunately, no love whatsoever for any army not in the Island of Blood box.

Over at Ironwind Metals:

A hacker took down their sight and worked them over pretty hard on Spetember 22, and they have yet to rebuild their site properly... Besides, their designs are getting pretty stale. For some reason, they think that the Battletech players out there want protomechs, quite possibly the LAMEST unit concept in the game. Perhaps it's the old school 'Mechwarrior in me, but there should be Infantry, Tanks, Artillery, 'Mechs and Battle Armor. Not some wierd amalgam of a Battle Armor Suit and an animal. 

Lastly, Reaper Miniatures.

I'll admit it. I totally love the Mouslings that Reaper has been producing recently. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Reaper is producing a few Mousling holiday themed sets. I'll leave you with an image I never even concieved of: Mousling Zombies, and a hero with a chainsaw.

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