Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Gaming Updates

So, looks like the Skaven are getting the first bit of love from GW. The Skaven Army book will be the first 8th edition one published. This weekend, GW shops were running a massive Islands of Blood game, and offering two new sculpts in limited quantities. (Don't worry, you can order them directly from GW's online site.
Prince Althran
Warlord Spinetail

Necron Tomb Stalker
Nothing too new over in 40k land, except for the NECRON TOMB STALKER!!!! Forge World finally made it available for order off their sight for 36 BPS, roughtly $56! Check out the rules sheet at here.

Nothing new over at Reaper or Iron Wind Metals, however, Classic Battletech got a MAJOR upgrade in my eyes. Technical Readout 3085 saw the revamps of almost all of the classic mech designs, bringing the Locust, Warhammer, Archer, Rifleman, etc, into the new era in a competative style. These classic Mech designs can now go toe-to-toe with the newer 3075 and jihad Mechs. What has me absolutely geeked is that they have brought back LAMS! (Land/Air Mechs). Think Battletech + Robotech, seeing as the original designs for the LAMS (and many other classic mechs) were licensed by FASA from Harmony Gold (Robotech). So, originally the Phoenix Hawk really WAS a VS-1F. And, in Battletech, the Phoenix Hawk LAM has stats for the Fighter, Mech, and Gerwalk. The 3085 Phoenix Hawk is obviously different, because of the loss of the license, but the Mechanic and the Idea of LAM's is back! I keep trolling looking for new Mech mini's from Iron Wind, because I am gonna snap any/all LAM's up!!! No word yet, as Iron Wind's site is an abomanation unto Nuggan, but I'm sure it will be only a matter of time.

Well, that's it for now, my next goal is to get some army pictures up, and perhaps remember to take my camera with me for next game.

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