Monday, February 14, 2011

... in which I discuss an Incoming! e-mail...

When I awoke this morning and checked my e-mail, I got a very unexpected surprise. A little note from GW talking about new releases for the Tomb Kings.

According to the Newsletter, coming this May, the Tomb Kings will be receiving new models and a new Army Book.

A new Army Book for them is desperately needed. Now, it is no secret that I will grab cool looking mini's just to paint, and I have long considered picking up some Ushbati or a Tomb Scorpion. After looking at their current Army Book, I actually decided to pass. To call them the "red headed step-child" of the WFB universe would be a step up. Not  single area of their book could be used to make a viable and cohesive army. Sad.

I really did dig the undead Egyptian theme too. So, I put aside my Tomb Kings aspirations, and started working on Orcs and Goblins for a secondary army.

Great. Now GW has to tell me this, and make me want to expand back out into the sands.
I really do dig the Ushbati (a few pictured here), and they do have a really cool skeleton giant. I do want to put together a giant for an army, and since the Bretonnians don't have anything of the equivalent, I'm kind stuck.

We shall see what the new Army Book holds, and perhaps the Bretonnians and the Tomb Kings may form a wicked alliance.....

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