Tuesday, February 1, 2011

...in which I have defeated hobby lethargy!

Ha Ha! Victory!!!

Not really, but to an extent. After my last post I finally got off my butt and got some work done. I painted up the Warhammer FB terrain of the "Temple of Skulls", my 2nd Monolith, and a Necron Lord. I'll go back and post pictures later, as I am at school right now, and do not have my camera on me.

I am particulary pleased with the Temple, I got to use a lot of techniques on a larger scale, and I really hammed it up with the effects of grass, moss, and blood. Somebody had a really bad day there...

In other news...
A blizzard is moving into my realm of the country, which really is no surprise, I live in Michigan after all... I think the only place colder than here is Siberia. Over the next 12 hours, we are supposed to get betweeen 14-16" of snow accumulation, winds in excess of 6omph, and mass power outages. We shall see... I never believe what comes out of the meteorologists, they are very inaccurate here. But, if what they say is true, I am going to have the next few days off of school, work, and life in general while we dig ourselves out. Sounds like some excellent time to get some painting done!!

I picked up some of the Discworld Miniatures from the Warstore, and I am anxious to get to painting these. It will be a welcome break from all of the GW stuff I've been doing lately, getting back to painting for the sheer joy of painting.

Photos to come! (and snow too!!!)

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