Wednesday, February 2, 2011

... which I am buried beneath the Ice Queen's wrath.

This is the view out my front door. Just for reference, the fence you see back left is about a four foot fence, and the snow is easily over 2' deep there. Winds have ceased blowing as hard as last night, where we had gusts anywhere from 30-40mph. Now, it's just dumping snow on us. We are expected to get another 4-6" of snowfall throughout the day. Needless to say, everything is closed for the day.
I can't even open the door, as snow has piled up against the house.  Looks like I got my wish to stay in and do some painting!

I did take pictures of my recent paintings, and here they are:

Monolith #2 I kept simple, and experimented more with weathering powders. I used a good rust color around the base of the Monolith, and a grimy black to simulate blast marks.
 I may have gone overboard with the weathering powder on this side, but hey, I'm experimenting here! I do like having the rust around the exhaust vents at the bottom of the Monolith.

 Heh. Double trouble. I hope I can make them as effective as I want them to be.
 I know painting up a Necron Lord is no humungous feat, but I do like the detail I put into his cape.
 Unfortunately, I don't think the camera caught the detail too well. From this view, you do get to see a good shot of the Resurrection Orb, and its glowy goodness.

 Ah, the Temple of Skulls. I really used a lot of paint on this one. I drybrushed a 3 tone color on the rocks, and added a layer of green on some of the facings to simulate moss. My favorite part was probably the easiest. I mixed up some red paint, flo-aid and just a touch of 'ard coat, put it in a medicine dropper, and pumped it out onto the base of the Chaos symbol. I had previously propped up the base slightly on some rolled up paper towels, so that the "blood" would flow down the steps. Couldn't have turned out better.
Lots of flock on this too. I used static grass, and multiple colors to really layer out the feel of the terrain.
I would really like to find an altar and a victim to put on top of this piece. I may have to just rig one up myself, but I think that would really complete the effect of the Temple.

Well, I think the heater has finally had enough time to warm up around my desk, so the paint can flow freely. I hope to have a really productive "snow day". LOL

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  1. Thanks for the post - I agree - that Temple of Skulls is well executed. Stay toasty!