Monday, April 4, 2011

Conscripting the forces of the Imperial planet of Krieg.

I blame SeerK.

Not only am I insanely jealous of him and all those out there that went to Adepticon this past weekend, he was able to get 3 Leman Russ tanks cheap from the dealer room for me. Looks like I need to either get to painting those pesky Bretonnians or put them on hold, cause the Death Korps are coming.

I did  bunch of research this morning on the forces of Krieg. I could be wrong on some of this, so please correct me if I am. As standard Imperial Guard troops, they have access to all of the Imp Guard Armory. (ie. Leman Russ, Manticore, Valkyrie, Sentinels etc...) but by that same token, Krieg also has access to the Reaver Titan, according to Imperial Armour 6. *-*

Really, a Reaver Titan?

Good God! I can't really fathom spending ~$840.00 on a model, but DAMN! that's impressive.

So, here I am, still a 40K n00b with the task of building a new army. I have ~50 infantry and 3 Leman Russ tanks already. Now I just need to go get a codex and figure out the command structure and who should be equipped with what. LOL 1 HQ, 2 troops.. I got the troops, now to find a HQ.


  1. I bought the Reaver a few years ago when you just got the standard weapons and could not customize. And the exchange rate was less kind back then. $840 is a steal!

    If you like I can look in the book this evening and get an idea of whether you can take a Titan in a Krieg force? I mostly read the book for Titan reference, and didn't pay much attention to the Krieg army details.

  2. @The Inner Geek - By all means. I am trying to crm so much in my noggin lately, I need all the help I can get. I haven't seen any restrictions on Krieg forces, so I assume that if the Imperial Guards can take it, so can Krieg. Same goes for sentinels and Valkyries...

  3. I only have book six which contains no Krieg army lists. However, the listing for the Reaver Titan states that, "A Reaver is a War Machine detachment for an Imperial Guard army".

    Don't know how much that really helps though.

  4. Thanks for looking. I have the Siege of Vraks part I, but I haven't had time to read it in detail yet. I've glanced thru the Krieg section, but I haven't seen anything to the contrary yet.