Friday, April 22, 2011

... in which I continue Witchfate Tor, and ruminate more on army boards.

Thank god the end is in sight!! A few more details and then the third floor will be complete. That's on the slate for tomorrow morning before work. Here's some WIP photos, mostly to show off what I've done so far, and to complain a little bit more about the model.

The pieces so far...

Top of the tower, only base coated

The first two floors that are totally finished. Notice the gap between the pillar on the right and the tower. If I take it closer to the tower, then I can't get the second floor off and on.

Another angle

Opposite side

Last angle

Tower base

Another angle of the base. I included this so you could see the detail in the eye in the wall.

2nd Floor

3rd Floor - WIP

Tower, mostly assembled.

Men-at-Arms next to tower for size comparison

M-a-A on top of tower

If you look closely, you can see by the staircase where the wall just doesn't line up right. This is the piece I had to reshape.
It's definitely coming together, but it is taking a lot more effort than I expected.

So, I spent my "painting" time tonight cleaning up my hobby area rather than actually painting. I put away all the minis SeerK snagged for me from Adepticon and all the miscellany I've picked up. While I was doing this, I really got to thinking about doing an army board for OST's tourney in June. 

I'm kicking around the idea of magnetizing the board. I like the thought of the pieces being that much more stable. However, I think I decided against cutting out impressions in the board. This would mean that I could not modify the board easily if I changed or expanded that army.

I started experimenting with rare earth magnets for this. I have some sitting around that I use for making parts of minis interchangeable. They have a really strong pull, and stick to metal really well. The magnets I have are only 1/8", so not ideal for basing purposes, but enough for me to get a feel for how this is gonna work. I put the foam board up against the duct work in the basement to see if the magnet would be strong enough to pull all the way thru the board. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I'm not sure if it was because to the tiny size of the magnet, or because it wasn't close enough to the metal.  I'm gonna take a trip to the hardware store to see if I can find a piece of sheet metal. I'll also have to see about getting some larger magnets, and if they can pull thru the foam board. If they can't perhaps I can just paint and flock the metal. I can get some plaster cloth from the art supply store, and then I can craft a full piece of terrain.

I started considering what to do for a good Necron board. I think I'm gonna go look to see if I can find some green crystals, and cut up some left over rod sprues to make rock outcroppings. I'll cut some foam up for some larger crystals... maybe run some lights underneath the clear crystal parts so that they flicker and glow. I'm also contemplating about making holes in a hill for the Flayed ones to be clawing their way up out of.. Just thoughts right now, I don't want to start another project until I finish at least 3 of all the WIP pieces I have going.


  1. That looks good dude. You are becomming quite the terrain guy.

    Mr.O will hopefully have the arena drawn up a bit when we are done wednesday

  2. That looks ridiculously good, I have glanced at this box in my local store a few times but not much more than that. It looks like a quality piece of terrain, would you recommend it?

    You don't actually put models inside that thing when you play do you? How do the multiple floors work in game terms?

  3. @dzer0: Thank you for the compliment. The tower is pretty hefty. As for recommending it.... sadly no. If you see my other posts about Witchfate Tor, this is seriously the most miserable model I have ever put together.. Nothing but headaches.

    It doesn't come with rules or anything, so I actually have no idea how it would work in game terms, I could imagine it wouldn't be that hard to whip something up tho.