Sunday, May 15, 2011

... in which the numbers lie... my desk has been invaded by goblins!

Fear not, loyal reader, for I have not abandoned you.

I numerically look pretty far behind in my painting challenge. However, this challenge is not just painting. This is assembling, priming, painting... The whole shebang from start to finish.

Over the past week I have been working on my goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass. 43 are ready to drop, with another 21 primed and ready to go. The entire dwarf portion of the box is also primed and assembled. Meaning, I'll be over the 100 mark probably by the end of the week.... No promises tho, I still need to pace myself. Lately I've been gluing and assembling rather than painting, but now that my desk looks like an invading army, I'm ready to get to some serious work.

More updates to follow!

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