Friday, May 6, 2011

Testing out the Necron list

Well, I got in a game this evening with Mr. O. We both tested out our tourney lists. I was fairly pleased with how my army worked, though I did find a few holes. Everything operated fairly smoothly, no bad mistakes.

I didn't take any pictures since this was a friendly test game, and I didn't take notes on what happened either.

The high points of the game:
Snipers took out the Nightbringer
Necron lord and immortals wreaked total havoc.
Pariahs went the distance with assault marines
Monolith deployment worked like a charm.

I ended up losing the battle, 3-1
I lost my Nightbringer and monoliths, but I took out a marine squad. If we would have went one more turn, I honestly feel I would have caught back up.


  1. 3-1? How many points were you guys playing?

    That seems low, but I know the night bringers and your monoliths take up the most points in that list if its the one you showed me.

  2. We played 1850. You are right that it was low, but Mr. O couldn't keep my guys down. I was rolling WBB like a madman! I had 2 squads of his on the ropes, and one completely obliterated, just one guy left standing. The chaplain was making it so his squad wouldn't break, and I just couldn't seal the deal in time.

    I think it was a moral victory because of the sheer amount of firepower he laid into me and I only lost 2 units.

    Wait. Crap. That means the score should have been 2-1. He still won, but my monoliths were part of the same unit, not independent.

    Besides, he outnumbered me 2 to 1, and I had an orbital strike land directly on my army.
    Plus!!!!!!! I think this is the first game where I didn't phase out!!!!

  3. WBB note: the necron has to be within 6 inches of another unit of the same type. So a single heavy destroyer that get's scrapped doesn't get it.

  4. My bad on that. We both made mistakes though.

    - Your Chaplain only gives fearless to the squad he is with.
    - Your chapter master can not move the turn before he calls down an orbital bombardment
    - Your Ballistic Skill is minused from the 2d6 scatter, except for orbital bombardment
    - Sniper hits always wound on a 4+, regardless of the targets toughness.
    - Monoliths are skimmers, and as such you can only hit them with a 6 on an assault
    - Vehicle armor is a little different than we thought. If you meet my armor (eg, d6 + Str 10 las cannon) 14, you glance. You pen if you get a 5 or 6.