Thursday, November 11, 2010

Battle Report 11.10.2010

Well, I totally screwed the pooch on this one, just like the n00b I am. My Necrons faced off against another Necron army of an experienced player. My list was so full of holes it looked like Jenna Jameson's underwear drawer.

I did manage to hold my two objectives, and manage to make it so he could only hold one of his, so a victory is only a technicality. I feel that I made too many mistakes, and my opponent was extremely helpful. I owe him this victory, and he gave me a lot of options to consider for future games and how to run my army.
Initial deployment

Let's recap my mistakes.
#1 (with a gauss flayer): I placed my Monolith in reserve so I could deep strike with it. I also had one squad of warriors inside, so that really handicapped me, especially since I failed my first reserve roll, so they didn't even hit the table until turn 3.

2. I set my squad of Immortals to hold an objective. Turns out, only troops can hold objectives, so I turned my hardcore warriors into target practice.

3. I ran 1 Wraith. I need to either run a whole squad, or none. My Wraith was taken out with little effort.

4. I should have had my Necron Lord in a squad. His Destroyers zoomed in, peppered him with 15 shots, and he was gone. If he had been in a squad, perhaps some of the Warriors would have absorbed the wounds, and since he had the Resurrection Orb, they would just get back up.

5. I loaded out my Necron Lord's wargear completely wrong. I need to rethink my strategy here.
Despite heavy fire, I press forward.

6. I used my C'tan completely wrong. I sent him straight for his Monolith. I can't believe how many 1's I rolled in the 3 turns it took me to move the Nightbringer into assault position. Apparently, he couldn't hit the broadside of barn. Once able to assault, he destroyed the Monolith in one swipe. Effective, BUT, all this time he was taking 15 shots a round from the destroyers. Once the monolith was destroyed, the squad of Warriors plus the 2 squads of Destroyers all shooting at him, he couldn't take the amount of shots coming his way.
Well, back to the drawing board. I definitely have a new outlook on my army, and how to better handle it. I hope my next battle report will be a victory, but a more substantial one.

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  1. Every game is a learning experience. At least you won.