Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recent Paintings

Despite being such a busy holiday time,  have managed to finish 3 rather large and focal pieces of my Bretonnian Army; King Louen, The Green Knight, and a Damsel of the Lady.
 The Damsel turned out really well. It's very hard to see in the picture, but the jewelry and scroll have exquisite detail.
I'm much more excited about the Green Knight. Not only did I layer him with 3 shades of green and gold highlights, I used a trick I picked up from painting Battle 'Mechs. I used a drybrush of a color called "Pearl" to give the whole model a shiny and metallic look. Then, instead of using matte sealer, I opted for brush on 'Ard Coat gloss. The whole model just shines, and looks very ethereal.
 His mount just shines too. I included this pic because of how his tail and legs absolutely glow. Now the model looks as intimidating as the character actually is.

 King Louen was a straight up paint. No special tricks or combos here, just a really great model. Beaquis' wings could have turned out a little better, but they still look great.
The heraldry turned out great. I also used a metallic black on the Hippogryph's claws and beak to give them a killing sheen. I guess I would be prouder of King Louen if I thought the model was as good as the Mod I did for Lord Kilmister.

I am still working on my other Bretonnian Lord mod, it took a back seat over the last couple of weeks. I find white such a pain to work with, he just got sidelined. I got the white worked out now, so he is the very next piece I am going to work on. I also started working on another piece of custom terrain, I'll post pictures as it is finished. I also have ~35 Bretonnian Men-at-Arms and Archers in  mid paint.

Plus, I am also getting ready to run a D&D 3.5 campaign, so my gaming future looks rather busy! I couldn't think of a better way to spend these cold months!

Next: That store review I never got to and D&D tools!

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