Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Concerning tips and advice

So, I just deleted the blog I was working on. I thought to myself, "Who cares?!?!?!" I need to offer my audience a unique angle, not another opinion. I was working on a review of a store I frequent when I'm visiting family down in the Detroit area. It was a rather lengthy review, but I just broke it down with one question. Why go there? If I can't answer it in a sentence, then why even review it.

I started this blog to offer tips, tricks, and insights, not to become another of the masses of naysayers out on the web.

So, with that in mind, I hit delete.

I will however, tell a great tip about glue.
It drives me absolutely insane working with super glue sometimes, especially when it doesn't set or do what I want it to do.
Loctite is the brand I prefer, and I totally recommend the gel version that comes in the black bottle. It doesn't run, and sets pretty quickly, yet gives you time to position the piece.

For basing, I found the best thing at Menard's. Loctite also offers a liquid glue in a pot with an acrylic brush. It works wonderfully for large surfaces where a bead of glue is overkill, like gluing a figure to a base.

Both glues run around the $3 mark, and a bottle will last quite some time. Usually this is cheaper than the glues offered at the hobby store, and are a better quality in my opinion.

Next Time: How to build an awesome gaming table on the cheap!!!!!!


  1. I like loctite in a pinch, especially the gel. It seems like glue and primer is something everyone has a different opinion on or brand that they hold dear.

  2. Remember that people don't just land on your most recent post. About 1/3 of the traffic I get is from searches. Your quick review of the Detroit area hobby store may be useful to someone at some future time if they go searching for info about it.

    On the glue topic, I am also greatly enamored of Loctite gel for mini assembly, especially for GW plastics with small surface area mating surfaces.

    ...and I'm looking forward to the gaming table post.