Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slow week on the blog, but a BUSY week in gaming!

Last Sundy: Rogue Trader
Wednesday: D&D 4th ed
Friday: Painting
Saturday: Painting
Today (Sunday): Game against Seer Karandras' Dark Eldar.
Intersperse that with work and school full time AND a family, makes that for a busy week.

Today, my revised Necron list is going to face down SK's experimental Dark Eldar army, we'll have to see how it shakes out. My last 40K game was quite the learning experience, so I hope I can use that knowledge to kick Duke Sliscus around the board.

In my marathon painting sessions over the past few days, I've completed the lastof my Necrons, and got a HUGE chunk of my Bretonnians done as well. Painting this way also reminded me of a traditoin we used to have, and one I'd like to start again: Painting Night. Once a week, Seer Karandras, Mr. O, and the Hungry Panda would get together and BS around the table while we painted. It was a very productive time. Unfortunately, due to people moving away, the group has fizzled.

I want to get a group together again to do this. I know I can count Seer Karandras in, and I have an idea of a few others to talk to about this. I also have some other ideas about future projects, but lets not show the hand too early.

Off to smack around some DE now, battle report to come!

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