Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Life is good.

A little package from merry old England was delivered to me on Monday. :) Pix to come. I'm totally jonesing to take it out and put the hurt on some Dark Eldar with my Necrons.

On to the topics of the day, a store review and a comment on D&D character builders.

Store Review
(734) 427-2451
1858 Middlebelt Rd
Garden City, MI 48135

I didn't post their website because, well, it sucks... Other than telling the store hours and a gaming schedule it is worthless. Despite the drive (I live in Lansing, a good two hours away), whenever I visit my family in the Detroit area, I try to swing down to Pandemonium to see what they got. Don't expect too much in the way of customer service here, this place is all about the product.

The carry the full line of GW merch, not only 40K, but Fantasy and LOTR as well. They also stock the full line of Reaper Mini's, Hordes, Warmachine, and DnD. It's very very convenient place to find exactly what you want without special ordering it. The downside is that they run MSRP, and there is no club or incentive to buy more or from them.

Two things make Pandemonium stand out. 
1: They carry Forge World in stock. Yep. No waiting on Int'l shipping... walk right in, grab what you want and go.
2: They have Used bins for 40K and Fantasy. The used models are usually a little less than 1/2 a new one, and the come with all the parts. You can paw thru the bins and inspect them and pick and choose what you want. I was able to pick up my King Louen (see previous blog to see him painted) AND a Grail Relaquae with 6 Battle Pilgrims for $40. (Louen by himself is $45). A little Pine-Sol and elbow greasy later.... You get the idea.

Overall, I give Pandemonium 3 out of 5 stars.

Customer Service frankly sucks, the place is nigh impossible to find coming from the north (it faces south along Middlebelt, so you don't even see it unless you are driving North), and it has no enticement to shop there. 
To recap the pros: Full lines IN STOCK, Used GW, Forgeworld!!!, and gaming area aplenty!

Now a quick word on D&D character builders. For 4e, you just can't beat D&DI's Character builder. But if you are a 3.5 hold out like me, check out Heroforge! It is a free program, and it is a spreadsheet that runs in Excel. It has been spot on for all of my characters, and has even caught some errors (oops!) that I have made while advancing my characters. They do have a 4e platform available, but I have not tried it yet, Also, be sure to grab Spellforge while you are there too! Playing a magic user has never been so easy!

Well, that's it for now... Have fun storming the castle!

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