Saturday, December 25, 2010 which I discuss the Ultramarines Movie


Now that I got that out of the way, lets delve into Ultramarines: The Movie!

I will say this, the movie is pretty. And, gory! And, pretty gory!
The movie follows a squad of Ultramarines doing a recon mission that runs into some Chaos Marines. Thankfully, SeerK watched the movie with me, and was able to answer many of my n00b 40K universe questions.

The movie was penned by Dan Abnett, and though I know he has written many 40K books, I know his work from the Malus Darkblade WFB Books, and the recent work he's done with Marvel Comics for the "War of Kings" event. (BTW, I'm starting Horus Rising tomorrow morning) Anyway, the movie I found to be a little confusing. It's definately not  primer for the 40K universe, this movie was made for people steeped in the mythos of the 40K universe. As far as the script goes, it was pretty tight, much better than most of the schlock coming out of Hollywood lately.

The voice cast was also surprising. Terrance Stamp, John Hurt, Shawn Pertwee... Some pretty big names for Games Workshops first movie.

Overall, I totally dug the movie. I didn't know much about the Space Marines before, and this has inspired me to get to reading.

So, if you get a chance, pick up the movie! Support the compny so that they can make more movies about 40K. Who knows, perhaps the next one will be about Necrons....

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