Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Baby Christmas!!!

Had to post this before I went to bed.

I was just over on GW's site to see what was new with the Skaven Army (seeing as I must defeat the rats now...) and I clicked over on "Advance Orders"... And Lo and Behold, A NEW BRETONNIAN!

Gui le Gros
I have no idea what he is capable of, but in his blurb they say he would be a good leader for a group of Battle Pilgrims or Men-At-Arms.

It even gets me thinking more, is Bretonnia going to get a new Army book? Where are his stats going to be? 

Just a tidbit to stuff in your stocking!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!


  1. Nothing new im afraid, that fig is about 12 or more years old. It was picked by one of the design team to go into a 'hall of fame' and was given a re-release.

    Was originally part of a set of 3 characters in the original Bret book, all built around the legend of Robin Hood.

  2. Still, they will have to give stats for it somewhere, so I am hopefull for a new Bretonnia Army book