Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rats, it had to be rats...

Mr. O and I have long talked about having our armies face off against each other in Fantasy battle. He plays Skaven, and has been rather partial to the rats for a long time.

We finally got time in to throw down today. 1000 points for a quick game. My Bretonnian army was up for the challenge.

It started off as a three way pitched battle, my wife wanted to try out the High Elves. She withdrew after turn one, so it was down to Mr. O and I.
My Bretonnians had the initiative, and spent the first turn in prayer. His rats advanced on my army and began to chuck their poison wind globes and open up fire with the ratling gun.

Since we had set our armies up for a three way battle, parts of our forces were left way out in the boonies, and were out of combat for most of the game.

Also, having set up long the short edge of the table, my archer's range was not as effective s it normally would have been.

After another turn of positioning our armies, we were finally ready to charge in and get to the hand to hand combat.

The Plague Wind Globadiers took to the trees for cover, meanwhile the Rat Ogres and their packmasters advanced towards my Knights.

My unit of Grail Knights led the charge, slamming into the Rat Ogres in a frenzy. The overrode the Ogres and their Packmasters, and on the next turn met the charge of the Clan Rats that were behind the Rat Ogres.

My unit of Knights Errant kept failing their charges, but kept creeping closer to the Ratling Gun.

My Men-At-Arms made a very impressive long range charge into the squad of Tunnelers that appeared infront of my Bowmen. Despite making such an impressive effort, my Men-At-Arms stayed locked in combat with them for 2 rounds, at which time they broke. The Rats made their saves left and right, and faired much better than I thought they could. It took a charge from the Knights of the Realm to their rear to damage them enough so that they broke. Right here is where I believe I lost the game. My Men-At-Arms were able to reform, but when the Skaven broke, my Knights were unable to ride them down and wipe out the unit.
My Grail Knights were in the thick of it, being charged by the Clan Rats, and taking another charge to the flank by a pack of Giant Rats, AND taking a Ratling Gun in the other side. Oh, and the Clan Rats had an Assassin hidden in their ranks.

Needless to say, my Grail Knights fell to the swarm, and the Knights Errant fell right behind them. That put Mr. O up 2 Kill points to my 1, and their, unfortunately was no turn 6.

Overall, I always enjoy my games against Mr. O, no matter what game we are playing. This was just another example of that. We threw down, put the hurt on each other, and it was a SUPER close game, so neither of us walked away disappointed.

So, yes, Doctor Jones. It had to be rats. They stopped Bretonnia's undefeated record, but I have a feeling if we threw down at 1850 instead of 1000, things would have been different.

Until next time!

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  1. never know what horrors might be unleashed with such a high point total.

  2. True, but I look forward to finding out!